Much louder than your average funk band

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We are Ron.  This is what we do….

Batches & Albums:

RON has recorded 10 batches of material.  A batch is a collection of songs from a specific point in time.  Pay attention.  Most batches are around an hour of music.  Click here to listen to some examples. Batchwork started in 2007 on a digital 8 track and has been rolling ever since.  RON now records in 2 different studios in Chicago, IL.

Soundtrack Music:

RON’s music set to pictures is a magical thing.  It’s f**king beautiful.  Click here to see some examples.  RON wants to record music for your next movie, television broadcast or bar mitzvah.  


RON chooses to broadcast their ART to you via WEBCASTS.  These are 30 minute broadcasts that will stream onto your computer or mobile device.  Click here for some scenes.  

Ron Is…

RON is in your earhole. Listen closely.

RON is Ryan Behling,Scott Shellberg and Mike Maerz. On the recordings, unless otherwise noted, Ryan, Scott and Mike play all of the instruments.  We play the Drums, Percussion, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Acousitc  Bass, Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Synth, Loops, Kaosilator, iPad,  Acoustic Guitar, Electric guitar, Harmonica, Melodica, Coffee Can, Suitcase, Beer Bottles, our hands, Beat Box, and whatever else happens to be in the room at the time.  All songs written by RON.

 Ron Is:

Ron once said:

“Obey the chief and supply come greatly”