Much louder than your average funk band

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1. Evolution
2. Horseshoe Monkey
3. Not Home
4. Password
5. Ladder
6. Team Band
7. Supermen
8. Civil War
9. First Reason
10. Bombs
11. To Whom for Which
12. Flying High
13. Jerk Store
14. Ryan
15. Dolphins
16. Dolphins Attack
17. Hapkido
18. Tic Tack
19. Flight
20. Milktoast
21. Cook
22. Swim
23. Mellon
24. Fucking Hug a Tree
25. Smash Your Face with Bears
26. Hapkidocappella


The first Batch of Ron is titled “Ron For Pod”. It clocks in at one hour. This format has since become standard. Now, all Batches must clock in at one hour. It was recorded on a Roland VS-880, an 8-track digital workstation made in the early 90’s, in 3 months. The songs were performed by Scott and Ryan alone … save the sampled drums on most tracks and the growls in “Horseshoe Monkey” and bottle in “Civil War” performed by the Infamous Phrank. The instruments were restricted to the human voice, Lakland and Rickenbacker basses, a Gibson Firebird electric guitar, a Rhodes electric piano and an acoustic bass guitar.


Ron For Pod

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