Much louder than your average funk band

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1. Orbithead
2. HorseShoe Also
3. The American Dream
4. Sweet Smellin’ Nuclear Bomb Part II
5. Moonholes
6. In Your Smile
7. Hi Tower
8. The Beat That Drives the Sea
9. Oh Harold
10. Bring the Dance
11. O on
12. Alarm Clock
13. Nothing Bad
14. Bubba
15. The Industry
16. Ser Mi Amigo
17. S.P.J
18. Lisa’s Lament
19. Christmas Time


Batch Nine is called “One Seventy One” to reflect the 171 songs that RON has written and recorded since they started. These are only the songs that have been completed and released. There are hundreds of others that have yet to be developed!! Batch Nine was recorded very slowly between the summer of 2008 and the summer of 2009. It includes many songs from the RON Retreat. “Moonholes” and “Nothing Bad” began as  improvised funk jams recorded in the cabin and became what they are after the fact with many overdubs. “Lisa’s Lament” appears as it happened with an improvised trio of Ryan, Scott and Mat Cashman while we were waiting for the burgers to be served. “Porch Jam” is also presented as it happened with all of us on the porch on a beautiful afternoon. “In Your Smile” originally appeared on Hundo’s only official release “HUB” and was co-written by Ryan, Scott, Don Sheridan, Drew Rieder and Chris Wellner.


One Seventy One

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