Much louder than your average funk band

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1. Batch Seven
2. Ah Ah Ah Ah Ha
3. Dinosaur Revenge
4. Jug of Wine
5. I Want to Take You Higher
6. Who’s Got Time
7. Painting on the Wall
8. Blues #4
9. Star Shaped Cookies
10. Birth of Don
11. Hang on Me
12. Stimulus Package
13. Meat Three: Asparagus
14. Sounds of Liketime
15. Dark Circles
16. Sweet Relish (It’s Where it’s At)
17. Wack
18. 2 Bats and a Bag
19. Twice the Worth
20. The Rod
21. Ice Cream Cone
22. Stand and Ron
23. Photograph
24. Mother Fucking Sue is My Mother Fucking Wife
25. The Empire Strikes RON


Batch Seven is called “Duke”. It was recorded in the spring of 2008 and features plenty of special guests. Peter James Zubinski plays the lead Rhodes on “Batch 7″ and “Blues No. 4″ as well as acoustic guitar and co-writer on “Hang on Me”. Mat Cashman on saxophone on “Batch 7″, “Dinosaur Revenge”, “Dark Circles”, “Sweet Relish” and “Twice the Worth”. And Kipton Roderick on trumpet on “Batch 7″, “Blues No. 4″, “Ah Ah Ah Ha”, and “The Rod”. Some of these overdubs were recorded in a cabin in Carbondale on the Ron Retreat in April of 2008. The rest of the sessions, which was a full 10 piece band session lasting for 3 days, will be Batch 8. Be prepared.



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