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These are just a couple samples of what was recorded at the Batch 8 Retreat.  Fun Fact: Dinosaurs Revenge (Ron Album) is from the Batch 8 Sessions.

1.  Moonholes

2. Lisa’s Lement


In April of 2008, Scott and Ryan gathered a group of musicians, an engineer and a videographer and took a trip to a cabin in southern Illinios for an improvised recording/writing session. The result will eventually be Batch 8. As it stands, the massive amount of material has yet to be developed. But an official release complete with DVD will eventually be compiled. Stay tuned!

The musicians involved in Batch 8 are as follows.

Ryan Behling – Bass, Acoustic Bass, Rhodes, Synthesizer, Vocals, Percussion                               Scott Shellberg – Bass, Acoustic Bass, Guitar,
Gregg Watson – Drums, Acoustic Guitar                                                                                    Mat Cashman – Saxophone
Justin Strackany – Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Synthesizer                                 Peter James Zubinski – Rhodes, Acoustic Guitar, Melodica
Dallas Wade – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar                                                                           Kip Roderick – Trumpet, Percussion
Grayson Elliot Taylor – Engineer, Percussion, Drums                                                                   Chuck Przbyl – Video/Photo


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