Get Ron in your Arthole

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1. R.O.N.
2. Endawo Enganangozi
3. Minutes and Dimes
4. Let Us Thanks Him For Our Grooves
5. Tres Tortugas
6. Free to Rise
7. Lone Boat Man
8. Awake
9. Meat Two: Vegetable Steal Meat from Babies
10. Serious Band
11. Cage
12. Clavarity (Ron Ron Clavarity)
13. In The
14. Ron Stupendous
15. A Horse, a Mule and a Cowboy
16. Thirst
17. Orbitron Borbilorious Part I
18. No Funk on the Moon
19. Man Created Pants
20. RonWars


Batch Number Five. It is called “Ron Stupendous” and was recorded on Pro-Tools in October and November of 2007. It introduces the Korg-MS2000 synthesizer to the arsenal. Batch 5 also has a few guest stars. It features Jessica Emelia on vocals on “Endawo Enganangozi”, “No Funk on the Moon”, and “Behind”, Peter James Zubinski on Rhodes on “Three Turtles”, “Thirst” and “Endawo Enganangozi” and Dave Riney on “No Funk on the Moon”.


Ron Stupendous

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