Much louder than your average funk band

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1. Mr. Science
2. Hammer
3. I Own the Words
4. On the Floor
5. Don’t Stop Said RON
6. Down the Drain
7. Me and You ‘08
8. Timber’s Groove
9. Sky and World II
10. Dong
11. Ronapepacoke Bismal
12. This is How and Why (We Roll and Ride) ‘08 Indahouse Remix
13. Late Late Rollerskate
14. In My Car
15. Second by Second
16. Wouldn’t It Be Great?
17. Motherfucking Tractor
18. Aw Yeah
19. Halsted Street
20. Snake
21. Mr. Masterbator
22. Orbitron Borbilorious II
23. S.M.M.F.W.
24. Ron’s Gym
25. Hold Hands


Batch Six is titled “The Golden Age of Not Ron”. It was recorded in December of 2007 and the first few months of 2008. It was recorded completely by Ryan and Scott, except for the trumpet on “Ah Yeah” which was played by our good friend, Kip “The Kiptonian Institute” Roderick. It also features a few RONmade commercials for fake products.


The Golden Age Of Not Ron

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