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1. Day Of Bliss

2. I Own The Words

3. Orbithead

4. Horsershoe II

5. In My Car

6. On The Floor

7. Dinosaurs Revenge

8. Hammer

9. Hang On Me

10. Whale’s Mouth

11. The American Dream

12. Blues #4

13. Not Home

14. High Tower

15. Sounds Of Like Time

16. Must

17. Don’t Stop Said Ron

18. Evolution

19. Space Rhodes


The Album is consists of songs from various batches and some new songs too.  We took some of our favorite songs from the batches and polished them up.  We had our mixing fine tuned by our one and only engineer (Grayson Elliott Taylor) and we had it mastered.  

The album can be previewed and purchased on iTunes.  Click here to check it out:

The Album

The Album

Batch 3 Batch 2 Batch 1 Batch 4 Batch 5 Batch 6 Batch 7 Batch 8 Batch 9 Batch 10 The Album

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